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This is a richer way to display your hacker news bio. To use it:

  1. To opt-in, paste "{your username}.at.hn" anywhere in your profile's 'about' section.
  2. Go to https://{username}.at.hn?refresh.
  3. If your username includes uppercase letters or underscores, then due to DNS not supporting them in subdomains, you will need to encode them in a way that attempts to avoid conflicts (not ideal):
    1. Replace uppercase letters with '{lowercase(L)}0xNN' where 'NN' is the ASCII hex code of the uppercase letter. For example, 'RallyDriver' becomes 'r0x52allyd0x44river' (since 'R' is 0x52 and 'D' is 0x44 in ASCII). Code here if helpful.
    2. Replace underscores with '0x5f' such that 'rally_driver' becomes 'rally0x5fdriver' (since '_' is 0x5f in ASCII).
  4. Between HN/our caching, you might need to wait a couple minutes.
  5. Use markdown to make things prettier. Submit PRs on github if you like.
  6. Note: Outgoing links are rel=nofollow unless you're >200 karma (anti spam).

See an example: padolsey.at.hn.

screenshot: go to your user/profile page on hacker news and then modify your about section to include, at minimum the phrase [your username].at.hn